Donor Embryo


The technological advancements made in the last decade surrounding in vitro fertilization (IVF) has allowed thousands of patients to achieve their dreams of parenthood; however, increasing numbers of patients are facing the decision of what to do with their excess frozen embryo(s) once they have finished building their family.

This relatively new dilemma that our patients face has become even more prevalent due to the advances continually made in our embryology labs; couples are having more success using fewer embryos created during IVF.

Bedi IVF Centre created the Donor Embryo Program for two very special reasons: 

  • For Donors: Bedi IVF Centre Donor Embryo Program offers patients an additional option for their excess embryos beyond storing them, donating to research, or discarding the embryo(s), by opening up the option to donate them to another patient through either a known donation or anonymous donation. Sharing the joy of parenthood can provide a tremendous sense of pride for couples knowing that they have profoundly changed the lives of others in such a meaningful way.
  • For Recipients: Bedi IVF Centre Donor Embryo Program also provides couples who are struggling to conceive or couples and individuals who need donor egg and/or donor sperm treatment with a cost-effective and reliable opportunity to experience the joy of pregnancy and gift of having a child.